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Bob Diamond Real Estate Investing
Bob Diamond is a practicing real estate attorney, real estate developer, and published author of three books on foreclosure investing. You may be familiar with Bob from his appearances on FOX, NBC, or CNBC or on his real estate radio show.

Inside the investor world, Bob is known as the ‘guru’s guru’ and teaches advanced real estate investing techniques including buying discounted liens, notes and judgments, buying out of bankruptcy, short sales, taking under and subject to, straight equity purchases, multi-units and even condo conversions.

Because of his legal expertise and experience as a real estate attorney, Bob has been able to come up with systems to out-maneuver other investors and bag the best deals before anyone else even knows there’s an opportunity.

Bob has stayed on the cutting edge of market trends, industry evolution and tomorrow’s legal hurdles. Bob’s personal commitment is to share the wealth of knowledge that he has with the real estate buying public. Bob is the truly the working expert in foreclosures.

Bob has personally been involved in almost $100,000,000 in real estate transactions as counsel, advisor, investor or agent. Meeting Bob will truly build your investment knowledge and take it to the next level to create the deals to make you financially independent.

Bob has been investing for two dozen years and can teach you to profit from incredible pre-foreclosure deals for nets of $60,000 to $90,000 per deal. Bob has been able to maintain these margins even in the current competitive real estate investing market through use of his advanced real estate techniques and keen legal expertise. Bob will teach you to find the right deal, the right price, the right technique and the right profit.

Bob’s desire is to share this wealth of knowledge with the general public. With the combination of his experienced years of investing and his fifteen years of legal practice in real estate, Bob understands and wants to share the hurdles, opportunities and cycles of the real estate investing market for today’s independent investor.

An open letter from the desk of Robert Diamond, Esq.

Hello friends and investors!

My name is Bob Diamond. I am a licensed attorney and America's most knowledgeable real estate investing and foreclosure expert. I want to personally teach you how to make your fortune in foreclosed real estate even if you don't know anything about real estate, have no credit and no formal education past high school!

I did not come from a rich family. When I was growing up money was tight and all the fights between my parents seemed to circle around money. I promised myself when I grew up money would never be a source of worry for me.

I went to college and graduated in 1987 with a degree in Finance. I took the "safe" route and joined Arthur Anderson, then one of the largest, most respected and "stable" companies in the United States.

Working for someone else was not for me. There is a reason "work" is a four letter word! Politics, procedures, and decisions by committee drove me batty…

It seemed to me that the only thing I accomplished working for someone else was making them rich while I ran on a treadmill like a rat. My boss told me where to go, and what to do when I got there. At one point they sent me out of town for a year and shifted my hours so I had to go to work at 3:00 AM!

I don't like being told what to do and it always seemed so tenuous--work could dry up, someone could decide they did not like me, the company could restructure, anything at all could go wrong and pretty soon I would be out of a job.

I started looking around for some way to make my fortune without working for someone else. That's when I discovered real estate. I found out that almost all the big fortunes were made in real estate and that common people got wealthy almost exclusively in real estate.

I bought a course on options by Ed Beckley and saw there was something to all the excitement around real estate. Ed's course would not work for me in Pennsylvania at that time, but I could see that foreclosures would work. I took a course on foreclosures and the rest is history.

I finally had found something tangible that I controlled, where I could invest a small amount of my own money but still safely make a lot of money. Real estate investing allowed me to "bootstrap" myself from a boy making $28,000 per year to a man making tens of thousands of dollars on just one deal.

I have made it and I want you to make it too!  Investing in real estate You can gain control over your work life, security for your future, and you can become wealthy beyond your dreams.

I know the investment real estate and foreclosure business because I have renovated property with my own two hands, managed inner city apartments, single family homes in the suburbs, and have participated as a principal, buyer, seller, or attorney in over eighty million dollars in real estate transactions.

I have made lots of money in real estate and the Financial security is a great feeling.

I want you to enjoy the excitement as your bank account grows and your money worries disappear forever.

The goal of all my books, tapes, and seminars is to give you accurate, easy to use information, that is a roadmap to exactly what you need to know to reach your financial and real estate goals.

I want you to be successful. Financial success in life is for everyone, not just those born with a silver spoon.

If you are willing to be persistent and work for what you want, I will give you the information and support you need. Take a look at my live event schedule and come to one of my seminars or workshops where you can start down the path to financial freedom.

Bob Diamond: The Powerful Investor

Awesome Investing!

Bob Diamond

Seasoned Investor, Educator and Attorney

Money and Freedom