Josh Is Making Great Money From Tax Sale Overages

Success Story: This is how Josh Claimed $25,000 Tax Sale Overages

This is Josh, who just cashed a $25,000 overages check. This is one of many checks that he has cashed. He's one of our students that's really doing well. I'm so excited. He gave us the story of this as well. Let me give you a little bit of the story. Right now, I'm writing this. It's May 18th, and the date on this check is May 11th, so that's the first thing to look at. $25,446.90. How cool is that? And then Josh gave us a little bit of the story here because when people give us their deal stories, we always want to know the details about it. 

How did he find the lead?

This one was a Sheriff's sale listing. He found the claim, but he communicates through LinkedIn. These days, it's gotten much easier to find and get in touch with people. So he found this gentleman through LinkedIn. What was his sign-up process like? It was super simple. He had signed documents within four hours of finding him. He sent it, probably by DocuSign online.

Imagine you call someone in the morning and by midday, you have him signed up already. And why was the property lost to tax sale? It's a very common question people ask. Poor guy, who lost the property, is disabled after a bad car accident. And he can't work anymore. 

So what's he going to do with the money? Well, he and his wife have a new property, but his medical needs will be ongoing. So he needs that money to cover medical needs from his accident. A lot of these situations are sad. But what's happy is we are bringing them money that they badly need. 

What did the claimant say? Well, Josh says he was over the moon happy. How cool is that? Did you get a “Thank You”? Yes, very much so. What difference will the money make in the life of the claimant? Give him and his wife some breathing room after not being able to work anymore. That's a big deal. And breathing room after you haven't been able to work is a big deal. People need breathing room, especially when they go through disability. Imagine if the person lost all of that money.

How Much They Made From This Deal?

Now, let’s talk about the net of Josh's fees. This guy should be getting somewhere around $15,000, $16,000. Somewhere in there, out of the blue that he didn't expect. That's huge when you're going through the trials and tribulations. Josh just made their life a little bit easier. 

What's Josh’s Next Move? 

He's adding more employees and propelling the future. He is also working on other deals. Not only that, but he found great joy in this great business. It's a business where you help people. It's a business I personally think that everybody should be doing right now because not only do you help people, but you're also in a business that is going big right now. 

Foreclosures are the root of this business because we help people get money back when they face foreclosure. And this is what we should be doing right now, accumulating cash and having a good life. There's always opportunity, even in times of trials and tribulations like today. So I personally hope that the next time I see your face, it looks like that with a big smile on it, like Josh has.

And I'm just happy. I remember meeting him. I met him personally. We do live events occasionally, so I met him at that. Really doing a great job and really doing well for himself and his family. That just makes me proud and happy. And he's also helping people every day get the money back, they never would have gotten. So really cool. 

Are You Interested In This Business?

So if you want to know more about this over just business, I made a free mini course to introduce you to this and tell you more about it. You can go into the top right corner of this website and get a button or click here for that free mini-course. Absolutely free. I tell you all about it and hopefully give you the information to decide if this is a good business for you. This is Bob Diamond, America's tax bill attorney, over and out for now.

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