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From now, we have the biggest opportunity to make money with the overages business.

I just realized that you may not know that the Supreme Court decided an important case for tax sales. I want to make sure you know that. 

Last week, the Supreme Court decided a Minnesota case, which said that Minnesota could no longer seize the fund. 

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What Minnesota was doing is they were transferring the property into the state of Minnesota’s name. And then selling it on tax sales. They’re saying, no, there are no excess funds here because we owned the property before it was sold. So, of course, the state then gets the excess funds. Colorado does something similar. 

The Supreme Court said you can’t do that. Taking people's house to pay the tax bill and once that tax bill is paid with the course of interest and penalties, then any extra money just represents the equity in someone’s house. So, you have to give that back. 

It was a unanimous decision, 9 to 0. And there are very few things that the Supreme Court all agrees on. They completely supported it. That case is not going to come up with the Supreme Court again. Because all 9 Supreme Court justices agree, A state is not going to try to bring that up again. Because it’s pointless. They, the Supreme Court wouldn’t even take the case again. 

updates for tax sale overages

How It Will Help Us?

What it means to us in the overages business is that all the states are going to have to give back the money. So, we have a handful of states that don’t give back the money. All of them are going to have to give back the money. 

So, what’s going to happen from here? The states going to put in place. The states that don’t give back the money are going to have to put in place procedures and methods to get the money back. They’ll have lists, and they’ll have procedures, just like other states do. 

How We Are Making It Simple For You?

In our office, we will be tracking that. We’ll update our materials as new things come online, and new procedures are in place. So, you’ll be able to expand your business. This is the biggest single expansion that’s ever happened in the business. Because it’s several states at once now having to give back the money. Before, they didn’t. So, it’s huge and really good news for us. That's the biggest news in decades and positive for our business.

How These Updates For Tax Sale Overages Will Help You?

So, now we got more states to expand our business. Join now on our journey with our exclusive free mini course.

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