What do You Say to A Person Owed An Overage? 

A common question that people have when they’re looking at the overages business is,”What do you say to a person owed an overage?”

You know, they’re never going to believe me.I call somebody up who’s lost their house at tax sale and say,”Hey, I could help you get fifty thousand dollars, would you like my help?”

You know, of course they’re going to be skeptical. So, I’ll tell you first, your thought that they’re going to be skeptical is absolutely true. 

How do you break through that skepticism?

 It’s very simple.

Number one: Be patient with people. 

They need to walk at their own pace. You can’t just, wham bam thank you ma’am slam them into an agreement with you. You can get there, but you need to spend as much time as they need to spend with you to build a little bit of trust, a little bit of rapport, where you can get to the end where you say: Look, why not try this? It’s not going to cost you anything, if you meet me with the notary for 15 minutes, sign the documents, have her or him check your ID, and make sure you’re dealing with the right person.

You spend 15 minutes, I’ll go to work, go and claim the money. 

If it’s successful, then you get a big windfall. If it’s not successful, it doesn’t cost you anything. So, it’s really like a free lottery ticket, except much better chance than most lotteries.

You’re essentially getting people to that. As they don’t need to give you any money and all they need to do is really give you written permission to go forward and claim the money, you’re not asking for whole a lot. 

Number Two: Communication

You’re probably going to need to talk to people several times. We’ve typically talked to them two or three times before they’re signing up. And we’ve also done other communications. These communications are simple, we might have sent them a letter, we might have sent them a couple of texts, maybe an email or two. 

So, we’re doing that to develop the relationship, like if I say, “Hey, let’s talk tomorrow night at six”. I’m probably going to email you reminding you of our message, I might send you a text message an hour before our call to say, “Just remember I’m gonna call you at seven tonight.” 

It’s those communications. Probably six or seven of those before we’re talking to people and getting them to sign up. So, be patient, don’t be impatient. And be nice to people because they’ve been through a lot. 

Number Three: Empathize with Their Situation

You know, they lost their property to a tax foreclosure, probably their house. They’ve been disrupted, and they feel bad about themselves. So, just be patient with them. Put yourself in their shoes a little bit and understand that.

First of all, they want the money you’re talking about, and that’s very appealing. But at the same time, they don’t want to be scammed, they can’t afford that. And they’re a little scuffed up by life, so be patient with them. 

Most of them are not unpleasant. If somebody barks at you, just understand it’s their issue, not yours, don’t worry about it. That’s actually very much the outlier. Most people aren’t anything like that. 

What Do You Say To A Person Owed An Overage

If they don’t want to talk to you, they’re just going to try to get off the phone like “Oh I can’t talk right now, we’re sitting down to dinner” or “Oh I have to go out to a doctor’s appointment, I can’t talk right now.” It’s that kind of thing. It’s not aggressive like you might be imagining worst case scenario that someone’s really going to bark at you and jump at you. They’re not that aggressive and mean or nasty. 

Most people are curious but cautious. So, you just need to walk them slowly to the conclusion of “Why not try this?” 

This guy that called me doesn’t want any money, doesn’t need anything upfront, he just needs permission to go and claim this money. And if it’s successful I get paid to make a big windfall, if it’s not successful it doesn’t cost me anything. So, nothing ventured, nothing gained. That’s all we’re getting into. 

It’s probably easier than you’re thinking. By the way, many people, their biggest concern about the business is “How am I going to get people to sign up?” Understand, the people we’re talking about are very short of money.

They lost their house at a tax sale. So, they’re short of money. The idea that you could get them thousands or tens of thousands of dollars is really appealing to them, that pulls them towards doing it with you. 

On the other side, they’re afraid, they don’t want to be scammed, and they don’t want to be a victim of something. They’re going to be cautious. All you need to do is just be patient and talk to them just like a normal person like I’m talking to you now. 

Just like a normal person: walk them along, direct them like. “Hey, let me get started because this could take a couple of months, let’s get started soon.” But don’t go over the top with pushing them. It’s not appropriate, and you don’t need to do it. Just be nice to them. 

Number Four: Be Nice and Genuine

I often say, this is a great business for nice people. Nice people can get these deals done and be really successful. You don’t have to be like, what you would imagine being a slick pushy salesperson, that’s not this business. This is business for nice people who truly want to help people reaching out to these folks, talking to them, and saying “Why not give it a try?”

This is What do You Say to A Person Owed An Overage

Hopefully, I answered some of your questions about what I’m going to say to the people. I’ll tell you, if you’re just nice to them, you’ll do fine.

We’re Making This Easy For You

For people to get involved with our course, we do have a call script that we gave you, which literally gives you the words to say and the concepts to get across.  If you get involved with our system, that’s part of it. 

No matter what you’re doing, if you’re doing it some other way, or just trying it out, just be nice to people and patient with them and you’ll do fine.

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