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Tax Sale Overages is a powerful business where you make great money while helping people who have lost their homes to tax sale.

Attorney Bob Diamond

Millions of Dollars Available Right Now

At this very moment there are hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in government accounts, waiting to be claimed. We know this because we have our own database with over two hundred and fifty million dollars of leads.

We Can Show You How

Bob Diamond is a licensed Attorney and the country’s foremost expert in Overages. You may have seen Bob on FOX, NBC, CNBC, NPR, or TLC’s popular reality television show, “Flip That House.” He is widely known and admired for his deep knowledge in Overages and his ability to show people who want to get into the Overages business how they can do it too.

Yes. We have students from various age groups and with various levels of exposure to the real estate market. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about succeeding in the overages business.

“Overages” are monies leftover when a property sells at tax foreclosure auction for more than the taxs owed.This is a common situation and often there are tens of thousands of dollars leftover, sometimes even hundreds of thousands.

And Million More Coming Every Day!

Everyday approximately 3,000 properties sold at real estate tax foreclosure auctions. According to JP Morganchase those sales generate a little over $14 million dollars per day. And several million of those dollars are “Overages” available to claim.

Why Don't They Get The Money Themselves?

Foreclosed homeowners rarely know there is any money available. They assume the Government sold their house, so the government keeps the money. And to get the money, you have to apply for it. You can't apply for the money you don't know about! So, they rarely apply.

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Best of ALL, You Get Paid Handsomely for Helping Former Owners Get The Money They'd Otherwise Lose!

These former owners lost their homes to tax foreclosure. They are broke and desperately need money to restore their homes. They have no idea if they qualify to claim any money, where the money is, or how to claim it. That's tens of thousands(or more!) to you!

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We Can Teach You The Overages Business

We have been in this business for over a decade. We are attorney-led and know all the rules, so we can show you how to “Do It Right.” We show you all the steps.

  • How to quickly and easily get the list of overages money for free right from home!
  • How to get the contact info for the former owner.
  • Exactly what to say to the former owner, so they are excited to work with you.
  • We will give you the attorney-prepared agreements and other paperwork you need to lock down the deal.
  • We will show you exactly how to claim the money.

Why Learn Overages From Attorney Bob Diamond?

Bob is the undisputed leader and expert in overages. He has been an attorney since 1995 and in the overages business since 2013. He owns and operates what is probably the country's largest overages recovery business between his legal and business experience, you are getting guidance, systems and processes that are legal, field-tested and proven.

What People Are Saying

Here are just a few of our successful students who learned from us, and now are successful overages business owners.

A Business You’ll Love.

You will be helping people and making money. What could be better than that?