Who is Bob Diamond?

Bob Diamond stands as an emblem of excellence in the realm of real estate, with a rich and varied career path that stretches over more than two decades. He has donned several hats in his illustrious career, serving as a real estate investor, attorney, and developer, each role allowing him to delve deeper into the intricacies of the field and enhance his comprehensive understanding of the sector. Furthermore, his knowledge doesn't remain confined to his professional pursuits alone. He has taken the initiative to distill his wisdom into several books on real estate investing, which are rich in practical insights, illuminating the labyrinthine subject for novices and veterans alike.

The breadth of Bob's expertise, coupled with his innovative thinking, has frequently propelled him into the spotlight, garnering the attention of numerous media platforms. His insights have been showcased on notable channels such as FOX, NBC, CNBC, NPR, not to mention his appearance on the popular reality television show, TLC's Flip That House. Bob has carved out a niche for himself within the real estate realm, emerging as a recognized expert in tax overages, a specialization that has garnered him the title ‘America's Tax Attorney'. This aspect of his expertise underscores his versatility and depth of knowledge in the diverse, multifaceted field of real estate investing. In sum, the richness of Bob's experience, intertwined with his noteworthy achievements in real estate, establishes him as a highly regarded authority in the industry.

In his relentless pursuit of innovation, Bob Diamond has designed an accessible concept related to tax overages. This venture further bolsters his position as a pioneering figure in this niche. His involvement in this area stretches well beyond personal investments; he generously shares his wealth of knowledge with others, teaching, advising, and guiding those who seek to understand this complex subject. His approach to the tax overage business has been marked by innovation, simplicity, and profitability, a combination that has brought him considerable acclaim in the industry.

My Vision

  • Protect Property Owners
  • Maximize Asset Recovery
  • Foster Trust and Transparency
  • Drive Positive Change

My Mission

  • Help Homeowners in Overages
  • Recover 100M in Next 12 Months
  • Educate 10,000 Student Overages Business
  • Make a Positive Impact On Communities
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My coaching process

I make sure each of my students stay on the right track. I show how you can be successful too with tax deed sale, tax lien sale and mostly my favorite tax sale overages.


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