Who is Attorney Bob Diamond?

Bob Diamond is a licensed Attorney and the country’s foremost expert in Overages.

You may have seen Bob on FOX, NBC, CNBC, NPR, or TLC’s popular reality television show, “Flip That House.”

He is widely known and admired for his deep knowledge in Overages and his ability to show people who want to get into the Overages business how they can do it too.

Bob is an unusual combination of a deep subject matter expert and attorney who is approachable and who can translate sophisticated concepts into understandable information for non-attorneys to use for their own Overages business.

Bob is a licensed attorney and owns a large Overages recovery business that combination makes him uniquely qualified as an instructor.

Learning from Bob you will know you are “doing it right” (both legally and business-wise). Bob delivers practical, actionable, systems and processes so you can start and succeed in your own Overages business.

Many people ask why Bob teaches Overages to others and does not just “keep it all for himself.” Bob’s words explain it best…

“I teach the Overages business because there are over 3,000 properties sold at real estate tax sale every day. I have a large and profitable Overages business but there is no way we can keep up with 3,000 tax sales per day, all year round. That’s around 750,000 tax foreclosures per year.

In our Overages business we do a little over 200 Overages deals a year. We barely scratch the surface of all the deals out that. Normally the fact that we don’t do nearly every deal would not bother me – except in this case if we don’t get to the foreclosed owners and help them recover the money, chances are they will never get that leftover money.

Why? Because they have no idea there could be any extra money after the government sold their home at tax sale. oftentimes there is a lot of money leftover because the properties sell for far more than a few years of real estate taxes that went unpaid.

Our average Overages deal is a little over $52,000, which is a lot of money for a foreclosed homeowner to lose! And because most former owners have no idea there is (or even could be) any money left over from the tax sale of their property, they rarely claim the excess funds.

One state study looked at the past three years and showed that a little less than 25% of the money is claimed, and a little more than 75% of the money goes unclaimed!

That’s not really a surprise because the foreclosed homeowner cannot put in an application for money they don’t know exists. I think it is terrible that these foreclosed homeowners not only lose their property but unless you or I act, they will lose all the extra money generated from the sale of their home. They cannot afford to lose that money. So why don’t I build my own Overages business to get all the Overages? Simple, a business of that size is outside my wheelhouse. I am a subject matter expert – in law and especially Overages, not a man to run a 1,000 person business, which is what would be needed to pursue all the Overages. But I do want more foreclosed homeowners to get their money back. So, I decided to share this business opportunity with entrepreneurs who want to have a great business for themselves with healthy profits – but who also want to do good for the people who are losing homes every day to tax sale.

Of course, I make money educating entrepreneurs who want to have their own Overages business. My education business is a business.

But for me teaching entrepreneurs to have their own Overages business is a more appealing way to make money with my knowledge and skills. Rather than building and running a 1,000 person Overages business I help would be Overages entrepreneurs gain the knowledge, systems and skills they need to succeed in Overages and to get paid for providing that service to the foreclosed homeowners. And, in the end, more of the thousands of people who lose their homes every day to tax sales get substantial amounts of money back. Money they sorely need to get their lives back together. For me, the combination of helping would-be Overages entrepreneurs develop a great business for themselves and to help more foreclosed homeowners is rewarding – both financially and psychologically.”

My Vision

  • Help entrepreneurs to have a great business helping people and making money
  • Helping foreclosed homeowners
  • Stop the Government from taking money that's not theirs

My Mission

  • Between myself and my students recover $100M in the next 12 months
  • Make our educational materials for entrepreneurs who want an overages business second to none
  • Help more foreclosed homeowners get back money they never knew existed but desperately need

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