Overages Blueprint Course

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YES! I'd like to learn The Overages Business and discover how to collect 5-figure profit checks for myself.

Course Features
  • 21-Day Quick Start Guide
  • 12 Training Modules with videos
  • Opportunities to Ask Your Questions
  • Guide to the Best States to Work In
  • Telephone Sales Scripts and Marketing Materials
  • Attorney Prepared Agreement and Forms
  • State by State Legal Research

What you'll learn

  • Best Places to Operate Your Business For The Highest Profits and Least Headaches
  • How to Get The Lists of Overages
  • How to Quickly and Easily Find The People Owed The Money
  • Get Your Business Running and Profitable

Up to Date Information

We are in the Overages Business and attorney-owned. We keep all our materials up to date.

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We have a dedicated team to help you with anything you don't understand in our course.

3,000 homeowners lose their homes daily in tax sales. We help them recover the excess funds or surplus funds after paying their due taxes at tax sale auctions and take a percentage from the funds as a recovery fee. I cannot do it alone; I need lots of people to join me on this journey to recover the $14 million daily slash fund. Therefore, I am teaching my students about this business.

Yes. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about succeeding in the overages business.

No, AI cannot do the business. The business has five steps, and when we tested AI, it was unable to successfully do any of the steps.

The issue appeared to be that AI had incorrect information about the overages business and couldn’t appreciate the way that a prospect would react to items such as a fee agreement that was AI drafted and a call script.  The AI-generated items were unusable in the real world.

Also, in the final analysis, the key to this business is reaching out to the claimant who is owed the overage (AKA his money), establishing some rapport, and getting them to give you permission to go get the money.  That is a human-to-human relationship that AI is not able to achieve.

The Overages Support team receives this common question quite a lot! There is no monthly fee for support and we have experienced people in support who take every incoming request and answer it or get our 2 Attorneys, 3 MBAs, 1 Ph.D., or paralegals involved if they need to. 

Bottom line? We will not leave you stranded. 1st level support is at 800-981-2846 x0 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for password resets, and simple questions like, “Where is XYZ in the training?” That is our team in San Antonio, this leaves the 2nd and 3rd level (Attorneys, etc.) free from the nonsense of ringing phones and they can concentrate on doing and supporting the business. 


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