“No Degree? No Problem! This is Why Should You Start the Overages Business”

Don't have a fancy degree? No worries! Find out why the overages business is a game-changer for everyone.

The overages business involves uncovering unclaimed assets, and this article will highlight why it's a golden opportunity for aspiring business owners. 

Now, I’m telling my story, MY OWN STORY.

Why did I choose The Overages Business?

People often ask me why I picked to work in the overages business and why I think it’s a good business. The overages business is all about helping people. I help people who have lost their homes to foreclosure get back a lot of money. 

Sometimes $30,000, sometimes $50,000, $80,000 and many six to seven figure claim, which is a lot of money for someone who has just lost their home. Of course, we make money too.

What is The Overages Business?

The overages business helps people who have lost their homes due to foreclosure. The goal is to help them get back a lot of money, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

Imagine how happy someone would be to get $25,000 to $30,000 after losing their home. It’s not just about the money, it’s also about giving hope in tough times.

Read here for more about What are The Tax Sale Overages?.

The Lucrative Potential of the Overage Business

This business is very safe. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get leads, and most claims don’t cost much. 

How can you find these leads, meaning claimants list who lost homes in the foreclosure process?

You may not believe it. It is absolutely free. You only need a phone or laptop with an internet connection. I’ll show you the process in my free mini course.

Why Should You Start the Overages Business

How to Claim These Surplus Funds? 

We have two methods for claiming these money and helping those people. One is administrative claim and another is judicial claim. 

Administrative claims are almost free, except for the cost of mailing. A few judicial claims might cost around $2,000, but they can bring in $15,000 to $20,000 in returns. So it’s worth investing in them. I would love to do it all the time.

But wait a minute, am I forgetting something? Yes, I have not told about foreclosure process. 

What is Tax Foreclosure?

Tax foreclosure is when someone doesn’t pay their property taxes for 3 to 4 years, and the government takes legal action. The government puts a lien on the property, which means that they have a legal claim to it until the taxes are paid. 

If the taxes remain unpaid for a certain period of time, the government can sell the property to recover the unpaid taxes. This process is called tax lien foreclosure. These properties are usually sold in tax foreclosure auctions. 

In the United States, approximately 3,000 properties are sold daily in foreclosure auction due to those unpaid taxes. These foreclosure properties are the heart of our overages business.

How Can You Get Started?

To start this business, you’ll need to invest a minimal amount. This will cover the cost of the tools, systems, and educational resources you’ll need. Once you’re up and running, the costs are very low. 

All you need is a cell phone and an internet connection. You can even start this business from your spare bedroom, making it a great side hustle that could grow into something bigger over time.

Wait!! I have Something For You

Congratulations! You have read my entire blog. I don't just want to thank you. I want you to help as many as people, who have lost their homes in foreclosure auctions.

I am giving you access to my free mini course, so that you can learn more about the overages business. Enroll in my course to get started just in 21 days.

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